The Quilt

We all grieve differently, in our own way and in our own time. The process cannot be forced, or rushed, or altered by good intentions and unsolicited advice given us by well-wishers. In time, the sharp edges of grief are worn smooth, and sadness remains, but where grief cuts, sadness softens instead, and makes pliable … More The Quilt

The Invisible Wall

Anyone who writes can tell you about the invisible wall of writer’s block that can appear between the first sentence of a composition and a deadline. It showed up for me this week like Bill Murray’s clock radio alarm in the movie “Groundhog Day.” Isn’t it true, that since the beginning of the “plague years,” … More The Invisible Wall

Global Citizen

I heard a baby crying in a foreign land this morning, and I’m feeling like a true global citizen. It was an unexpected pleasure. My insurance company, we’ll call them “Hugnem” for the purpose of this discussion, wasn’t getting any of my money. Funny, how a claim can take weeks to process but a “past … More Global Citizen

Unexpected Beauty

Tracey and I prefer the views and vistas earned by placing one boot in front of the other. The way our old old hickory tree wears the seasons surpasses almost any view through a windshield. Nevertheless, we ventured out recently to drive about the northern part of our state. This is one of my favorite … More Unexpected Beauty

Be a Better Neighbor

Who doesn’t love a good campfire? This fascination with combustion is surely programmed into our DNA. Without it we should probably have died out long ago, overcome by those denizens of the animal kingdom that are faster, stronger, and wiser than we are. It was intelligence, not wisdom, that allowed humanity to wield fire in … More Be a Better Neighbor

Lighten Up

Work is hard enough. Raising kids, caring for the elderly, eating right, sleeping well and staying fit, all require thought and energy beyond what we spend on the job. This has always been so, but we’ve never felt so tired. We thought our parents were too serious, but we worry more than they did and … More Lighten Up

Bathwater Barracuda

It was our privilege recently to spend some time in the beautiful coastal plain of Georgia, where, “…somehow my soul seems suddenly free from the weighing of fate and the sad discussion of sin, by the length and the breadth and the sweep of the marshes of Glynn.” We took a meandering route far from … More Bathwater Barracuda

Everything Under The Sun Is In Tune, But The Sun Is Eclipsed By The Moon

It was one of those full moon days, when everyone is a little bit crazier than usual… Even without the added lunacy, there are some days when you can almost feel the tension in the air, when people seem a bit more on edge, more prone to anger. We’ve long suspected that much of this … More Everything Under The Sun Is In Tune, But The Sun Is Eclipsed By The Moon