Strange Days

“Judge a man, not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.” -Martin Luther King Jr. The words reflect the core values of American society. The wisdom they contain is much older – at least as old as the Bible, for Judaeo-Christianity has long held that the heart steers the … More Strange Days

A Tip of the Hat

The baseball cap, beyond it’s namesake function of keeping the sun out of a ball player’s eyes, is much more. Despite the fact that in some sophisticated but unfortunate circles of urban cliff dwellers it has been assigned a role in lampooning those of us who are blessed to reside in rural areas, when I … More A Tip of the Hat

Rabbit in the Box

If you have lived in rural America for any length of time you’re probably seen, perhaps even made for yourself, a rabbit box. Traps and snares are almost as old as humanity, but the rabbit box evolved out here in the country where lumber and wood working tools were common, and the need to protect … More Rabbit in the Box

The Wheel Turns

We honored our mothers this weekend past, and for those of us fortunate to have them with us, it was an opportunity to embrace the moments we can still share. The rest of us honored the devotion and sacrifice of the women who gave us life, and the memories we cherish. I am of the … More The Wheel Turns

My Favorite Window

When I was a young lad we moved to Chicken City on a rainy day in May. Our house was on a hill in a quiet neighborhood that, looking back, resembled Mayberry, North Carolina in many ways. At the end of that memorable day spent exploring the new house and its mysterious basement, the wooded … More My Favorite Window