A Bag With Holes

“Your silver has become dross, your best wine mixed with water.” These words were written over 2700 years ago, but if you happened to seeBloomberg’s graph of FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) last week, you mightthink they were written yesterday but for the language of King James. If your Early Modern English is a bit … More A Bag With Holes

Seed Savers

When the world was a bit younger, before the host of consuming and monetizing technologies we take for granted was available, people saved seeds. People did a lot of things differently, but this morning as I admire the tray of Ace 55 tomato seedlings growing in the window, seed saving is on my mind. The … More Seed Savers

Spring of Deception

We are blessed with more than just four seasons here in the Southern Appalachians. We’ve already had Winter, Fool’s Spring, and Second Winter this year, and now we are nearing the end of Spring of Deception. What follows next will be a brief Third Winter, and then, sadly, The Pollening. This is one of Tracey’s … More Spring of Deception

Old Things

“I like old things.” “Here’s a rock for you then,” said one of my friends who still has a sense of humor. While I might understand the affection a geologist could have for a particular rock, I prefer one with a connection to living memory. When I pick up one of our arrowheads, for example, … More Old Things