Why Christmas?

Each year we come into the Christmas season led, or followed by every expectation on that scale from hope to dread. The needle is seldom stationary. Some of us compare our lives to the brightly colored images of merriment we see advertised and we find our own lives wanting. Some are filled with the spirit … More Why Christmas?

By Comparison

I was standing in line at the post office yesterday, and as a longtime resident of this area, feeling inconvenienced by the wait. Not too many years ago our town was very quiet in December, by comparison. I struck up a conversation with the gentleman in front of me. He was standing contentedly with a … More By Comparison

A Milestone in Human Development

On November 15th the world achieved what the United Nations called a “milestone in human development.” The 8 billionth baby was born, no one truly knows where for certain, but symbolically, in the Dominican Republic. This achievement has been attributed to improvements in medicine, nutrition and hygiene. I was thinking about that milestone in heavy … More A Milestone in Human Development

Shut Up And Carry On

My grandfather rarely talked about politics and advised his children and grandchildren to avoid the subject. He never said so, but I’m confident this wisdom came at a high price. During WWII the local draft board in our poor mountain county had refrained from calling up the few young men from the area who were … More Shut Up And Carry On

Flying Feathers

On the ground outside the chicken house, there were feathers everywhere, and not a chicken in sight. My first instinct was to pull the rifle down from the rack and look for predators, but then I heard the voice of Rachael Ray call to me from inside the chicken house. Rachael was one of the … More Flying Feathers


These cool October mornings bode well for the pies destined to emerge from our oven in November. I would never refuse a slice of pumpkin, but the seasonal favorite at our house growing up was Mom’s butternut squash pie. Right now the Waltham’s in our garden are pulling the last bit of sweetness from their … More October