Cousin Eddie

Sometimes on a Saturday evening in the winter months, when it was too cold to play outside or perform dangerous experiments in my secret underground laboratory disguised as our basement, the television would be left on and Hee Haw would catch my attention. I wasn’t old or wise enough to appreciate the music, but the … More Cousin Eddie

Outside the…Coop

In September of 1945, a farmer in Fruita, Colorado missed out on a chicken dinner when his axe went slightly off target. The blade removed most of the chicken’s head but missed the jugular vein and part of the brain stem. “Mike The Headless Chicken” lived another 18 months and became a celebrity and a … More Outside the…Coop

Outside The Box

It’s a beautiful day for an epiphany. Bright sunshine beaming through a crystal blue sky illuminates glowing patches of color against the graying background of our mountain. We begin the day in gratitude. Gratitude, we believe, is the best life preserver for the spirit. For a number of years that I don’t desire to count, … More Outside The Box

Phenomenal Cosmic Power (Itty Bitty Living Space)

I think we would all like to forget about politics for a while, but like Colombo said, “Just one more thing,” and I’ll be brief(ish). Condolences to republicans who are grieving Trump’s election loss. Obviously there was hanky panky with ballots, even at a glance. Did deeper into the numbers and Benford’s Law of unnatural … More Phenomenal Cosmic Power (Itty Bitty Living Space)

No Complaints

The next time we meet here another election will have bookmarked the perpetual drama which now dominates the opinion planet of the pixel universe. Millions of Americans will have voted in the most recent, most important election of our lifetimes, and we’ll be well on our way to the next one, even if the votes … More No Complaints