For lovers of words there has been a long suffering concern over the steady decline of the quality of our language. Today’s college graduate would struggle to achieve the style and elegance of “unschooled” farmers and laborers writing home from the battlefields of the Civil War. Language has always been fluid, dynamic and evolving, but … More Bezow!

The Old Blue Jar

Autumn is generous and wise, and like the favorite aunt who visits once a year, we’re happy to see her come, and sad to see her go. She arrives with gifts, tells us ghost stories and funny ones, and reminds us to watch where we step. Here in the high country we’re always among the … More The Old Blue Jar

Polishing the Mirror

When I was very young, the stories of older people fascinated me. My grandmother’s stories were so vivid that listening to her seemed like traveling back in time. Nostalgia smooths the rough places in our personal history and polishes the mirror of reflection until the image may be somewhat distorted, but most of us remember … More Polishing the Mirror

Dull As A Fro

Science fiction has always adumbrated science fact, and in the 21st century the gap between the two is narrow. Medical technology saves lives that would have been lost even a decade ago. Automobile engines run 100 thousand miles without a major repair. We tinker with the very source code of our human operating system and … More Dull As A Fro

Strange Days

“Judge a man, not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.” -Martin Luther King Jr. The words reflect the core values of American society. The wisdom they contain is much older – at least as old as the Bible, for Judaeo-Christianity has long held that the heart steers the … More Strange Days

A Tip of the Hat

The baseball cap, beyond it’s namesake function of keeping the sun out of a ball player’s eyes, is much more. Despite the fact that in some sophisticated but unfortunate circles of urban cliff dwellers it has been assigned a role in lampooning those of us who are blessed to reside in rural areas, when I … More A Tip of the Hat