An Appeal

New recommendations for world health authorities signed by 239 scientists will soon be published in the journal, Clinical Infectious Diseases. The guidance is based on overwhelming evidence that a person infected by COVID-19 can spread the virus from 30 feet away, not the 6 feet that currently informs social distancing guidelines. Today I’m writing to … More An Appeal

Professor Karen’s New Rules for Age Old Problems

Over the weekend we disconnected from the infomatrix. It was nice to relax and spend time with family, but we started the week without being properly conditioned and now we’re not sure what we’re supposed to worry about. When I have a chance, I’ll login to Facebook and I’m sure someone will let me know.    Someone told us last week that … More Professor Karen’s New Rules for Age Old Problems

Build to Last

Some years ago, I took down an old barn to salvage the wood. The wood was a treasure, hand hewn oak and heart pine that grew as saplings at least a century before.   I thought so much of the wood that I stored it under a shed which had been built to keep my tractor … More Build to Last

Crabs in a Pot

We won’t take up too much of your time this week. We have work to do, a garden to tend and some lumber to saw, and you have already spent enough time worrying about the condition of the world. We’ll venture a guess that just outside your door, the world is doing just fine, and … More Crabs in a Pot

Back to the Garden

Welcome to all of you who took a step back from the virtual world and bought seeds, plants, fertilizer, garden tools, even baby chicks during our recent cultural and economic shift.   It doesn’t matter why you did it, fear of food shortages, frustration with high prices or just an abundance of time to spend at … More Back to the Garden

Collateral Damage

When I was in school, Georgia recognized three geographic regions: the mountains, piedmont and coastal plain. We have five now, since the north has been divided into Blue Ridge, Valley and Ridge District and Appalachian Plateau. I’m not sure when the official labels changed, but aside from hosting a lot more asphalt and concrete, the land … More Collateral Damage

Creative Destruction

A frequently parroted headline in recent weeks has been, “The Food Chain is Breaking.” If you’ve been in one of our local grocery stores when the meat counter was empty, you might be inclined to agree. Another school of thought has considered the food chain broken for some time now. More accurately, over the last … More Creative Destruction

The Price We Pay

Last week some of you thought that the observations about select members of my own generation were a bit harsh, and some thought they weren’t harsh enough. I think we can agree that poor judgment and selfish behavior are not confined to any one generation, and neither are sacrifice and good citizenship. We’re another week … More The Price We Pay