Attention Shoppers

Last week on some ubiquitous social media platform I did a quick straw poll. The responses were interesting. This was the proposition – see what you think: How many thought better of celebrities before you knew their political opinions? How many have been disappointed in (angry with, sad for) a friend after learning their political … More Attention Shoppers

Enemy Thine

Enemy Mine is a 1985 science fiction classic starring Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr. The plot revolves about two enemy combatants: a human played by Quaid and an alien played by Gossett, who are forced to work together to survive. They become friends over time, and their friendship ultimately helps to end a brutal … More Enemy Thine

The Locals

I was camping in New Mexico one summer and I had driven into a small town for some supplies. In the checkout line ahead of me two guys were having a conversation. One of them told me they were planning to do some hiking around the area cliff dwellings. Their Burrberry shorts and Birkenstock sandals … More The Locals

Chaos Theory

If you consume news fodder you’ve probably seen the word “chaos” in the headlines quite frequently this year. If you believe the headlines, it would seem that the entire world is suffering from chronic emotional acid reflux. They say it’s unprecedented. It isn’t, but that kind of news doesn’t keep shareholders happy. Nevertheless, news fodder … More Chaos Theory

Contractor Grade

A year ago I bought a “contractor grade” hose at one of those despotic home stores with the big boxes and bigger parking lots, and paid almost $100 for it. Today it leaks at both ends from its cheap mystery-metal fittings. That’s fine if you like to shower while you’re washing the truck, but I … More Contractor Grade

Watch for Snakes

I loaded up the truck and headed down the road the other day to do some property maintenance. I was carrying a tool bag and a socket set, a steel tamping rod and half a bag of Sackrete for straightening up some road signs. I had a gas string trimmer with a container of fuel … More Watch for Snakes

An Appeal

New recommendations for world health authorities signed by 239 scientists will soon be published in the journal, Clinical Infectious Diseases. The guidance is based on overwhelming evidence that a person infected by COVID-19 can spread the virus from 30 feet away, not the 6 feet that currently informs social distancing guidelines. Today I’m writing to … More An Appeal