For our patient and long suffering readers…

We haven’t spent much time here in the last few weeks. Like you, we have families and distractions, good days and bad days, business and pleasure to balance.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t thought about you.

Lately it seems as if someone has cranked up the knobs on fear and confusion, and we wonder how you’re doing with all that.

There’s nothing new about fear and confusion, but the peddlers of pixel drama have never been more persistent in attempting to carve out permanent niches in our collective consciousness.

We enjoyed a brief respite from the left right drama during the holidays, and then the impeachment show. Now the threat of pandemic, and we still have an election to endure.

And it’s all recycled and repackaged in an endless torrent of broken news and ceaseless talking.

We try to host a gathering here where we can take a deep breath and reflect in relative peace and quiet. And sometimes that means that we have to disconnect, from the world, even from our own thoughts.

Some of you don’t have the luxury of the ability to disregard the world for any period of time. We’ve been there and done that too. We all have to learn to make our own peace and carry it with us, or else to endure the lack of it.

For many of us it is a winter of discontent, and the weather here could not be more reflective of that. Things are budding and sprouting, and then they freeze. The sun peeks out and then it rains for days. We go out wearing an overcoat and come home in a t shirt, and are never quite sufficiently warm or cool in between.

It may be a sign of the times. Let’s reflect on that and discuss it later. Your thoughts are welcome here, and if we’re not here for you every week, we’re not far away.

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