A Moment Of Gratitude

It’s been a rough year for many people, and we won’t revisit here what the pixel lords never allow us to forget .For me the best way to resist the pixel pushers is to practice gratitude, and in this simple and unremarkable photo I snapped this morning, attempting to capture the morning sun coming through the fog, it is remarkable how much I can find to be grateful for. The first thing I notice is the lingering beauty of the fall colors. The fact that they are there is secondary to the gift of sight and the ability to appreciate that beauty. The picture was taken through a window, which implies a roof over my head, and that is a blessing which is not universally shared in this world. The green plants in the window tell of a warm house when winter is at the door. The furry pup on the back of the sofa means that after we eat, there is money left over to buy dogfood, and food for the birds that visit the feeder in the maple. The decorations in the window mean that there’s more than enough power to meet our needs. There is a serviceable vehicle parked in the driveway, and a chaise lounge that speaks of time for leisure.

In spite of all our sufferings this year, both real and imagined, these are blessings that are still not uncommon in our nation, and for that I’m grateful. Finally, in the background of the picture, but foremost in my heart, is the angel on the corner of the deck, which reminds me of the God that heals and provides. Happy Thanksgiving!

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